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Employee relations and retention

Happy employees make happier customers. Oh My Genie! Offers exclusive access to your employees to our online stores and services like

      Oh My Grocery!

      Online Pharmacy

      Online Loading Station

      Online Bills Payment

      Airline and Hotels Booking


--all of which can be arranged for flexible salary deduction terms with our corporate credit line.


Employee rewards

and recognition

Your best people deserve the best treatment. Oh My Genie! Has access to exclusive deals that we can offer to your top-tier employees--concert and event tickets, travel arrangements, hotel and resort stays. We can even customize gift cards for you to give away for any occasion!


Pantry needs

and office supplies

Leave more time for planning and management to your admin staff.

Oh My Genie! can step in and take care of all your office supplies and pantry needs--schedule deliveries right when you need them and organize payment with our corporate credit arrangement.



Grocery Supplier

If you’re running a hotel and restaurant and deal with multiple vendors, Oh My Genie! can consolidate them all for you in one platform. Imagine being able to order and schedule deliveries and manage payments all in one app!

Delivery Flip.png

Christmas and

seasonal gift baskets

Skip the stress of Christmas rush--sit back, relax and let Oh My Genie! glide you through the holidays as smoothly as a magic carpet ride!

Make your own! Customize your card design and personalize your holiday greetings.

Make it their own! The best gifts are the ones they would've chosen for themselves!

Make it fun for them! Let them enjoy the OMG! online shopping experience--free!

Make it easy for you! We'll take care of packing, warehousing, and delivery!

Coding #2.png

Automation and

software services

Oh My Genie! can and will modernize the way you manage your business through our custom automation and software services. It may be as simple as website design and creation or as complex as e-commerce and customer management automation--click your way to increased business efficiencies with Oh My Genie!

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